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A homemade serum made with all natural herbal ingredients. Contains pain soothing lavender, antibacterial rosemary reducing swelling and discomfort, powerful healing and coagulant helichrysum, skin regenerating carrot seed oil. Made with a deeply moisturizing blend of castor oil, hemp, and grapeseed oil for optimal consistency and antibacterial and nutrient-rich benefits.

I personally use this serum in my own practice of tattooing instead of petrolium jelly, to reduce swelling, stop bleeding, and promote healing. Excellent for using during and after your tattoo. A little bit goes a really long way!

Tattoo Serum - 1 oz

  • Cleanse tattoo with a small amount of antibacterial soap to wash away any extra fluid or foreign material. Allow tattoo to dry completely, then apply a very THIN layer of serum evenly. Repeat about 2 times a day or when needed. Once tattoo begins to heal, it is best to leave it alone until skin is completely shed. Can be used as a moisturizer for added itch and dryness relief.

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